AATH Board of Directors



 Jill Knox
The Sunny Side
2234 Ivy Road
Oceanside, CA 92054 United States

Jill Knox is highly sought as a speaker and humorist who has, as long as she can remember, incorporated humor in daily living and as a survival tool. As an educator, her use of humor in the classroom led her to a career as a speaker and founder of The Funnyside, providing workshops and keynotes to colleges, school districts, health centers, and women’s groups emphasizing the power of humor at work, play, and daily living.
Jill is a passionate believer in life-long learning and in recent years has enjoyed, but not yet “mastered” playing Steel Pan, and Ukulele.  She is currently continuing her path to enlightenment as a student of The National Peace Academy in order to earn a  Peace Building/Peace Learning Certificate, knowing that humor and laughter are the gateways to a peaceful world.


Mary Kay Morrison
Humor Quest
322 Canary Drive
Caledonia, IL, 61011-9770 United States

Mary Kay Morrison is an educator who has taught at virtually every level of the educational spectrum. She as been facilitating keynote presentations and workshop sessions for the past 30 years through  her business, Humor Quest.   Her work includes integrating what we know about cognitive research to the workplace, in the classroom and for healthy living. In addition to humor and stress management, Mary Kay frequently conducts seminars on brain research, group facilitation, and parenting skills.   Mary Kay is founder and director of the AATH Humor Academy. Her book, “Using Humor to Maximize Living” is the text for the HA grad class. She was the AATH 2010 conference chair.  She and her husband Don (also an AATH member) are blessed with 12 grandchildren.



Linda MacNeal
Humor Solutions
675 A Heritage Hills
Somers, NY, 10589 United States

Linda MacNeal is the president and founder of Humor Solutions, dedicated to teaching people practical techniques to increase health and satisfaction.  Linda is a professional speaker who brings her passion for therapeutic humor and healing laughter to peoples’ lives and work.

Linda is currently part of the Department of Defense’s Yellow Ribbon Program which works with returning soldiers.  Her role is to help them adopt useful humor skills to thrive in their chosen post-deployment endeavors.

 In the twentieth century, Linda owned and operated a New York City-based computer training company for over 20 years. Her humorous classroom teaching style relaxed people and enhanced learning. Prior to that, she earned a Master’s Degree in Japanese Linguistics and was a Clown with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.



Gurinder Bains
Loma Linda University
24951 North Circle Drive
Nichol Hall Room 1809 
Loma Linda, CA, US 92350 United States

Gurinder Singh Bains, MD PhD, is an Assistant Professor and Primary Research Coordinator for the School of Allied Health at Loma Linda University. He has been a co-author in over 25 publications.  He received his PhD from Loma Linda University, MD from Ross University Medical School, and a BSc in Finance from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He has been involved in research that includes humor/laughter, inflammation, high intensity exercise and weight loss, sleep, blood flow, and back pain.  His PhD dissertation focused on how humor and laughter can enhance short term memory in the elderly.  Dr. Bains has presented at numerous scientific meetings and his research has gained worldwide media attention such as ABC News Worldwide, CNN, Ellen DeGeneres Show, Men's Journal, FOX News, and Huffington Post to name a few.





Maia Aziz
With Love and Laughter
1143 34th Avenue
Lasalle, QC H8P 3A1  Canada

For almost 20 years, Maia Aziz has worked as a social worker and administrator in a variety of health and social service establishments. A current pediatric Program Manager at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Center in Montreal, Maia writes and speaks about how to cope with the inevitable roller-coaster of emotions and daily challenges of being a caregiver, how to collaborate effectively with healthcare professionals and how to never lose sight of what really matters. 

  Kathy Laurenhue


Kathy Laurenhue
Wiser Now, Inc.
7282 55th Avenue E, #144
Bradenton, FL 34203  United States

Kathy Laurenhue calls herself the CEO – Chief Enthusiasm Officer – of Wiser Now, Inc., a multi-media publishing and staff development company that emphasizes well-being in aging. Because research in aging has proven that social connections vastly improve our life satisfaction, in all her work, Kathy seeks to help people connect with one another by having fun together. Her mantra is, “Laughter builds rapport; rapport builds trust, and trust builds relationships.”

Kathy has a master’s degree in instructional technology and an undergraduate degree in English. She is the author of three books, including a companion set on Alzheimer’s disease, and both develops and leads multi-media training related to aging issues. Deeply interested in helping people to have fun keeping their brains active as they age, she has written hundreds of trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics, and imaginative/reminiscence exercises through publications such as Brain Aerobics Weekly (now available as CDs called Creative Mind Play) and the more than 75 titles for her MindPlay Connections™collection, some of which are also available on CDs. You can learn more at her main website (www.WiserNow.com).


Amy Robbins, MD

3851 Mission Hills Rd, #304 
Northbrook, IL 60062 United States

In case anyone was wondering who provided all the candy at the 2011 AATH Orlando conference, it was not the hotel, it was not a sugar plum fairy nor was it a candy rep. It was AMY ROBBINS, MD... member of the AATH Board of Directors, native New Yorker and happy Chicagoan since June, 2000; a retired physician involved in domestic abuse advocacy and activism work on the Board of JWI (Jewish Women International) and a founding member of Chicago’s JCARES (Jewish Community Abuse Resources, Education and Solutions); cellist, pianist and vocalist; amateur musical theater performer and Mom.



Cheri Campbell
P.O. Box 298
Spring Grove, IL 60081 United States



Laurie Young
34125 Cr 352
Decatur, MI 49045 United States

Laurie Young is a licensed professional counselor, a Certified Holistic Health Specialist, and a long-time keynote and workshop leader. She has given over 1,000 programs to such diverse groups as the United States Post Office, ESPN, and the highly-stressed members of the Louisiana Counseling Association a year after Katrina. Laurie understands the challenges facing counselors as she worked for over 20 years as a school counselor.

She, along with her LaughterWorks partner Kay Caskey, created several of classes offered through Western Michigan University’s Graduate Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness Program including Health and Humor and The Brain’s Best Learning Strategy: Humor and Fun—a 3-credit class for teachers seeking permanent certification.

She has presented a number of papers for the International Society for Humor Studies in France, Italy, Norway, and Japan. Laurie is a life-long laugher.


Advisor/Past President

Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, CSP, CPAE
Journal of Nursing Jocularity
5641 La Jolla Hermosa Avenue
La Jolla, CA  92037 United States

Karyn Buxman is an international speaker, nurse and author of the What’s So Funny About...? series. Clients range from the Mayo Clinic to the Million Dollar Round Table and they hire Karyn again and again to educate, inspire and entertain. Her mission: To improve global health through laughter and to heal the humor impaired!



Chip Lutz, MSed, CLL
Covenant Leadership, LLC
15934 Barun Road
Sturtevant, WI 53177 United States

Chip Lutz, MSEd, CLL, is the Chief Laughing Officer (CLO) and founder of Covenant Leadership LLC and has 25 years of years leadership experience. A retired Navy Officer, he has had two command tours, served as the Director of Security for Naval District Washington, DC, during September 11th, and has held various other key leadership positions. He prides himself on keeping it “light” while getting the job done.