C.H.P. Designation Process and Procedures

The designation of "Certified Humor Professional" is a distinguished honor for those individuals completing Levels I, II, and III of the AATH Humor Academy. It is hoped that all graduates will continue their work through ongoing professional growth and service in the area of using therapeutic humor in their daily lives.

Application for C.H.P. is an option open to all Level III students upon graduation, and to all past H.A. Level III graduates.  

It is important to note that not all graduates may decide not to choose this professional certification. They will continue to be recognized and appreciated as our Humor Academy Graduates.

This professional C.H.P. certification is awarded by completing an application and gaining approval by the Academy directors. Certification must be verified for renewal every three years through the Academy.

Initial and Continuing Certified Humor Professional Requirements

It is important to remember that this is a professional certification that is a direct reflection of the values and ethics established and set forth by AATH. Certified Humor Professionals must maintain the following:

  • Successful completion of Level I, II, and III of the Humor Academy
  • Professionalism demonstrated through actively following the AATH Code of Ethics(see below)
  • Continued active membership in AATH

Recertification:  Three-year Renewal

A personal 'statement of confirmation' demonstrating completion of three (3) of the following four (4) is to be submitted to the Humor Academy directors and is required for renewal:

  • Attendance at the AATH annual conference (minimum of once within the three year renewal timeframe)
  • Demonstration of AATH support by serving on a committee (minimal commitment of one year)
  • Active involvement of sharing therapeutic humor with others (summary of activities are described in 'statement of confirmation')
  • Providing a log of participation in three humor-learning experiences per year (samples: webinars, seminars, speaker presentations, Humor Academy -Thurs-p.m. session, etc.)

Renewal Timeline:

  • Current Students: a 'statement of confirmation' is due 3 years after Level III graduation.
  • Previous Level III Humor Academy Graduates: receive first 3 years on a complimentary basis when activated in April 2016 with a renewal due date of 2018 as processed along with a 'statement of confirmation'.
  • A minimal fee for the 3-year renewal may be assessed.


  • Professional recognition by the Humor Academy for successful program completion and sustained professionalism
  • Use of C.H.P. designation: following name, business cards, all correspondence
  • Permission to display C.H.P. Certificate and wear the official C.H.P. pin



The following Code of Ethics applies to all members of AATH and in turn, each Certified Humor Professional. 

 AATH Code of Ethics
AATH is Serious about Fun and Integrity 

  1. The AATH member shall accurately represent his/her professional qualifications and experience in all oral, written and electronic communications referring to his/her involvement in applied and therapeutic humor.
  2. The AATH member shall act and speak on a professional level so as not to discredit the discipline of therapeutic humor, nor knowingly offend an audience or others practicing applied humor for therapeutic purposes.
  3. The AATH member shall exert diligence to understand clients' situations, organization, approaches and goals relevant to therapeutic and/or applied humor prior to delivering services.
  4. To the extent possible the AATH member shall accurately represent theoretically sound applied and therapeutic humor knowledge and applications. The AATH member shall protect the public against fraud and inaccurate information and shall attempt to eliminate from the therapeutic humor discipline all myths that discredit the discipline.
  5. The AATH member shall treat others with professional courtesy and dignity. Members shall respect the rights of program or material originators to retain ownership/authorship of said program or material. Prominent use of another's program or material should be discussed with original author(s) to provide clear understanding of boundaries for use.
  6. The AATH member shall respect and maintain trust and confidentiality concerning the business or personal affairs of clients and fellow applied and therapeutic humor professionals.
  7. The AATH member shall not enter into any agreement to unfairly limit or restrain access to the marketplace by any other professional, client, or to the public, based on economic factors, race, creed, color, sex, age, physical condition, sexual orientation, or country of national origin.
  8. Performance criteria and ethical standards required by members' professional licensing and legal certification agencies or organizations shall take precedence over AATH rules and regulations.
  9. Violations of the obligations of the Code of Ethics shall be determined in accordance with the bylaws, rules and regulations established by the association. Any such disciplinary action shall be final and binding upon the AATH member and without recourse to the association, its officers, members or staff.