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Unless there are comic poltergeists at work, there is no apparent reason why a Jay Leno or other comics should have more amusing experiences than a Al Gore.  The comedian’s experiences are probably no more amusing than others; he or she simply has a sensitivity to the environment and circumstances and so perceives humor that a more serious person might miss. Steve Allen

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Lights...Camera...HUMOR by Darren LaCroix
Laughter and Mental Flexibility by Steve Bhaerman 

General Book List - Humor Skills Development

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Here is an easier-to-read alphabetical list by author's last name of the books above:

An asterisk (*) indicates an AATH author.

  • Anderson, Max. The Sense of Humor - Let Humor Fast Track You To A Healthier, Happier Living. (2016)
  • Bany-Winters, Lisa. Funny Bones (2002)
  • Bates, Roger. How to be Funnier, Happier, Healthier and More Successful Too! (1995)
  • Brown, Stuart. Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul  (2009)
  • Carter, Judy. Stand Up Comedy (1989) and The Comedy Bible (2001)
  • Clinton, Max. How to be Witty (For Someone Who is Not): The definitive manual to being funny, clever, witty, and owning it in social environments (2015)
  • Friedman, Scott. Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs (2001)
  • Hall, Doug. Jump Start Your Brain (1995)
  • Helitzer, Melvin. Comedy Writing Secrets: The Best-Selling Book on How to Think Funny, Write Funny, Act Funny, And Get Paid For It (2005)
  • Hernsath, Dave & Yerkes, Leslie. 301 Ways to Have More Fun at Work (2001)
  • Jasheway, Leigh Anne.  Yoga for Your Funny Bone: Exercises to Strengthen Your Comedy Writing (2006) and 101 Comedy Games for Children and Grown-Ups (2014)
  • Kaplan, Steve. The Hidden Tools of Comedy: The Serious Business of Being Funny (2013)
  • Kataria, Madan. Laugh for No Reason  (2002)
  • Krane, Gary. Simple fun for busy people (1998)
  • McGhee, Paul. Humor As Survival Training for a Stressed-Out World: The 7 Humor Habits Program (2010)
  • Michalko, Michael. Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques (2006)
  • Morrison, Mary Kay. Using Humor to Maximize Living: Connecting with Humor (2012)
  • Perret, Gene. Comedy Writing Self-Taught: The Professional Skill-Building Course in Writing Stand-Up, Sketch, and Situation Comedy  (2015)
  • Pike. Bob. 50 Creative Training Openers and Energizers (2000)
  • Robinson, Grady Jim. Did I Ever Tell You About the Time: How to Develop and Deliver a Speech Using Stories that Get Your Message Across (2000)
  • Sacks, Mike. Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers (2014) and And Here's the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Top Humor Writers--The New Unexpurgated Version (2015)
  • Spier, Lynn and Chindamo, Frank – YouTube Success In 5 Steps: Five Steps. No Limits - Kindle Edition

  • Tamblyn, Doni. Laugh and Learn: 95 Ways to Use Humor for More Effective Teaching and Training (2006).
  • Tamblyn, Doni & Weiss, Sharon. The Big Book of Humorous Training Games (2000)
  • von Oech, Roger,   A Whack on the Side of the Head (2008)
  • von Oech, Roger,  A Kick in the Seat of the Pants (1986)
  • Weinstein, Matt & Goodman, Joel. Playfair (1983)

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