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Lee Berk
Loma Linda University
Associate Dean for Research Affairs
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School of Allied Health Professions
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24951 North Circle Drive
Loma Linda
United States
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Dr. Berk is the Associate Dean for Research Affairs, School of Allied Health Professions, Loma Linda University. He is also Professor of Allied Health Studies and Director of the Clinical Molecular and Psychoneuroimmunology Research Laboratory, School of Allied Health Professions. Dr. Berk is also Research Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology and Human Anatomy, School of Medicine and Faculty in Graduate Studies at Loma Linda University, CA.
Dr. Berk has been honored by Duke University to serve as a non-resident Faculty Scholar in the Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health.
Dr. Lee Berk is a preventive care/lifestyle specialist graduate from Loma Linda University and is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Medicine Specialist. He has training and bachelor’s degrees in psychology, sociology, clinical laboratory sciences, and a master’s degree in interdisciplinary public health/lifestyle and a doctorate degree in preventive care/lifestyle health. Dr. Berk has worked in clinical laboratory medicine, Department of Pathology for over 25 years at Loma Linda University Medical Center and served as chief of the immunology and immunoassay section. He also served as Associate Director for the Center of Neuroimmunology, School of Medicine, Loma Linda University with Dr. David Felten, MD, PhD one of the pioneers in establishing the field of psychoneuroimmunology. Shortly after establishing the Center for Neuroimmunology Dr. Berk and Dr. Felten were then invited by UC Irvine to initiate and administrate the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine, School of Medicine at UC Irvine, Irvine, CA, where he served in the capacity as the Associate Director of the Center. After four years of a successful initiation and administrating the UCI Center for Integrative Medicine Dr. Berk was personally invited to return to his alma mater, Loma Linda University, to serve and fill some urgent perceived needs for teaching and research in preventive care and Lifestyle Medicine/Health.
Dr. Berk has 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. He has been recognized as a “world class” researcher for his pioneer psychoneuroimmunology work with endorphinergic and immune modulation with exercise and, in particular, for his research on positive lifestyle behaviors (eustress) with humor-associated mirthful/laughter (“A Merry Heart Does Good……”) compared to distress, as well as his collaborative religion and spirituality and health studies with Dr. Harold Koenig at Duke University and Bruce Nelson at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. Dr. Berk has researched the effects of music, religion and spirituality, and anticipatory perception on stress hormones, neuroendocrine, and immunomodulation, since the early 1980’s. His research was initially awarded funding by the Norman Cousins Center in 1988. Dr. Berk's research examines the positive emotions and their biochemical/physiological effects to the whole-person through the integrative medical science of psychoneuroimmunology. In April 2011, Dr. Berk was honored with an invitation to lecture at the National Institutes of Health on the Psychoneuroimmunology of Humor and Laughter. Dr. Berk has been interviewed by numerous news media for his innovative research findings including CBS 60 Minutes, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Good Morning America, National Public Radio, and CNN with Dr. Sanja Gupta, the BBC, Fox TV, WebMD, and numerous documentary groups national and international. He has been interviewed for numerous magazine and newspapers such as Time, NewsWeek, New Yorker, NY Times, LA Times, Reader’s Digest, etc. Dr. Berk has been requested to give numerous presentations to the academic community, such as UC San Diego, April 2016, to the Dept. of Aging and Longevity.
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Humor and Health, Humor and Education, Humor and Family, Humor and Spirituality, Humor and Crisis, Humor and Therapy, Humor and Caregiving, Humor and Happiness
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