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Ann Zuccardy

Group Gold Professional
Degree/Title Accidental Neuroscientist
691 East St.
Huntington, VT 05462 United States
Membership Since: 06/12/2015
Current HA Level 1
Highest Level of HA N/A
Date of HA Completion
Biography: Ann Zuccardy challenges conventional ideas about intelligence and creativity using the ingenuity she discovered after a traumatic brain injury, along with 3 decades in corporate communications, and as an author, social media expert, and teacher. In her first TEDx talk, How a Brain Injury Made Me Smarter, Ann identified 3 key components, which she refers to as The New Smart,that helped her recover from her injury. Through her recovery process Ann learned that neuroplasticity is not just a topic for aging baby boomers or those dealing with a brain injury. Neuroplasticity, she believes, if nurtured throughout a lifetime, can help anyone become more resilient, creative, and curious.
Speaker Topics: Humor and Health, Humor and Education, Humor and Business, Humor and Family, Humor and Spirituality, Humor and Crisis, Humor and Caregiving, Humor and Happiness
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