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David Jacobson

Group Gold Professional
Degree/Title President
Humor Horizons
6501 N. 17th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85015 United States
Membership Since: 05/07/2005
Current HA Level CHP
Highest Level of HA CHP
Date of HA Completion 2013
Biography: David Jacobson suffered many losses early in his life including a diagnosis with a severe form of arthritis at 22 in 1980. Since then, he has used humkor to overcome his adversities and is a living example that you can accomplish anything if you truely believe in yourself. His many honors include a "President's Award" from FlashNet Marketing, Inc. , A "National Hero Overcoming Arthritis" award by the Arthritis Foundation National Office and the 1997 Wayne Washburn Memorial Award which reads as follows "We all need someone or something to inspire us to bring out our best. You are that someone"
Speaker Topics: Humor and Health, Humor and Spirituality, Humor and Crisis, Humor and Therapy