We are pleased to be able to provide these scholarship thanks to the generous donors who believe so wholeheartedly in the mission of AATH that have provided funding for these scholarships.  Each Scholarship has specific guidelines, so please review carefully.  If you would like your application to be considered for several scholarships, please indicate this in the first paragraph of your email.  While preference is given to AATH members, many non-members have successfully applied and have been awarded scholarships in the past. All applicants should provide their membership status in their application. Applicants can apply for more than one scholarship, but can only receive one award.  All scholarship applications will be sent to AATH scholarship co-chair, Tonya Sherburne at with the heading "AATH 2015 scholarship application". Applications are due by January 1, 2015 at 11:59 P.M.  Notifications will be made by January 31st, 2015.


 NEW!! The Joyce and Sol Special Education Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a K-12 special education teacher and will cover the cost of one conference registration.  Please submit a one-two page essay on why using humor is an important component for teaching exceptional children. Please also indicate your membership status. 


CTCA Scholarships 

These generous CTCA scholarships will provide recipients with conference registration, as well as an opportunity to participate in the Humor Academy (HA) program, if desired by the applicant.

Applicants should submit an essay (no more than one page) indicating the scholarship for which they are applying, whether they are applying for Conference Registration only, or Conference and Humor Academy Registration and if they are a member of AATH.  Essays should include why the individual is interested in the scholarship, and how they anticipate their attendance at the Conference/participation in the Humor Academy will benefit them, either personally or professionally, following their time in Philadelphia. 


a) CTCA “Medical Classroom” Scholarship: Awarded to an Educator currently involved in creating humor interventions for patients.

b) CTCA “Oncology Patient/Survivor” Scholarship: Awarded to a current oncology patient or cancer survivor who uses humor to positively impact his/her own well being and that of those around them.

c) CTCA “Practitioner” Scholarship: Awarded to a current oncology healthcare practitioner (doctor, nurse, therapist, social worker, etc.) who uses humor to create positive interventions for the patients and/or staff around them.

d) CTCA “Stellar Volunteer” Scholarship: Awarded to an AATH volunteer who has provided enthusiastic leadership to the organization over several years. 



  • 2014 Karen Bayard
  • 2014 Marlene Chertok
  • 2014 Ruth Diamond
  • 2014 Roberta Gold
  • 2014 Herb Bass



Created to honor the work, dedication, commitment and contribution to AATH and the field of therapeutic humor by our past conference chair, Ed Dunkelblau.

The Ed Dunkelblau Scholarship will be awarded to a practitioner of color, or researcher, interested in the cultural or scientific applications of therapeutic humor.

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants are required to submit an application demonstrating interest, documenting their work, and expressing awareness of the mission of the organization. Applicants should also answer the below question: 

Are you an AATH Member? Yes/No



  • 2012 Maia Aziz
  • 2010 Mary McCabe
  • 2007 Rev. Gordon W. Marchant
  • 2005 Michael J. Fletcher & Dorothea Keeling, M.Ed.



Created to honor the work, dedication, commitment and contribution to AATH and the field of therapeutic humor by our past conference chair, Patty Wooten.

The Patty Wooten Scholarship will be awarded to a nurse who is currently involved in creating humor interventions that are being used in a therapeutic manner for patients, family and/or staff. Applicants must be a nurse- R.N., L.P.N., L.V.N., or C.N.A.

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants are required to write an essay describing how you perceive humor to be therapeutic and how your work, program, or intervention efforts have benefited patients, family, or staff. Applicants should also answer the below question: 

Are you an AATH Member? Yes/No



  • 2014 Amil Kusain Tan Jr.
  • 2013 Michael Terry
  • 2012 Patricia Jannell-Pacheco
  • 2011 Sidonie Salmon
  • 2010 Lori Breitmaier
  • 2009 Amy Verble
  • 2009 Tami Vallarano
  • 2008 Judith (Judy) Oliverio
  • 2007 Helen Stucky Risdon
  • 2006 Marie Bethke
  • 2005 Naomi Blundell & Deb Gauldin



This scholarship has been added in loving memory of Margie Klein. This scholarship is named after Margie Klein, the mother of Allen Klein, 2005/2006 president of AATH.

Throughout the 95-plus-years of her life, Allen's mother continually used her sense of humor and was inspirational in Allen's teaching others about the power of humor. This scholarship will provide registration for the conference only. It will NOT cover travel or hotel expenses.

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants must submit an essay describing how humor helped them in work-related situations. Examples can come from the corporate world, the nonprofit arena, or the self-employed. If possible, please provide at least three examples. Essays should range from approximately 250 to 500 words. Judges will use the following three categories to rate each submission:

  • Clarity. How well did the candidate explain how humor helped them (or others) in a work-related situation?
  • Innovation/originality/creativity. To what extent is the candidate's story or situation original or creative?
  • Impact. What additional considerations are relevant to this candidate's application (personal need, impact on others, useable ideas for work-related situations)?
  • Applicants should also answer the question: Are you an AATH Member? Yes/No


After her two sons were on their own, Margie got a job at a major household appliance company. As a customer service representative, she got a call from a socialite who complained that she was having an important dinner that night and her dishwasher, with all her dishes in it, was not working. The woman insisted that a repairman be sent immediately. Margie told the irate customer that it was impossible; the repairman would be there in the morning. The woman then shouted, “And what am I supposed to do? I have twelve people coming for dinner tonight and I don't have a clean plate in the house.”

Margie calmly replied: “Use paper plates.” That was her first and last day on the job.


  • 2014 Teena Miller
  • 2013 Chris Vaia
  • 2012 Lisa Warsinske
  • 2011 Andrea Morrison
  • 2010 Helen Bzdel
  • 2009 Mindy Tarr
  • 2008 Rachel Oliver
  • 2007 Charles “Chip” Lutz



Created by Lenny Ravich, Director of the Gestalt Institute of Tel Aviv.

This scholarship is awarded to someone whose work in humor and laughter clearly and tangibly demonstrates a commitment to world peace. For this year, the scholarship recipient will receive complimentary AATH conference registration plus an additional $100 presented on site (in US funds) to help offset other travel costs. Applications from all countries will be considered equally.

Applicants are to submit essay answers (up to 250 words each) to four questions:

  • How do you presently apply (or plan to apply) your knowledge and experience in humor and laughter to advance world peace?
  • How has your mission and purpose in life brought you to this moment?
  • Why do you feel that you are deserving of this scholarship?
  • Are you an AATH Member? Yes/No


  • 2014 Guy Giard
  • 2013 Alona Jasik
  • 2010 Erin Keyes
  • 2008 Kerry MacNeal



Created by the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy (located in Vincennes, Indiana), this scholarship honors Red Skelton's legacy of laughter and compassionate, 'healthy humor.' Though he liked to be introduced simply as "One of America's Clowns," Red was one of the world's most beloved, multi-talented entertainers, a humanitarian and a patriot.

This conference scholarship will be awarded to a "Caring Clown," active in hospital and/or community healthcare environments, bringing smiles to patients and/or residents, young and/or old, in need of gentle comic relief. For this year, the scholarship recipient will receive one complimentary conference registration fee and a gift bag of souvenirs from the museum's Gift Shop. The scholarship recipient is responsible for all other conference costs, travel and lodging.

Applicants are to submit essay answers (up to 250 words each) to the following questions:

  • How do you presently apply your knowledge and skill in the "Caring Clown" community?
  • What prompted you to become a "Caring Clown?"
  • In honoring Red Skelton's legacy, why do you feel you are most deserving of this conference scholarship?
  • Are you an AATH Member? Yes/No


  • 2014 Brenda Marshall
  • 2013 Cheryl Oberg



The Knox Family Humor for Peace Scholarship will be awarded to an individual that is involved in the practice of humor in order to promote peace, either locally or globally.The scholarship for the April 2015 AATH conference will include one complimentary AATH conference registration  fee and one Humor Academy registration fee. Applicants must submit an essay based on the following questions:  (250 words or less)

  • How do you, personally, define the words humor and peace?  How can the concepts of humor and peace be aligned in order to create a better world.
  • How are you presently using humor in order to promote peace?  How might you apply humor and peace for future use? 
  • How might attending the AATH conference be beneficial to your practice of peace?
  • Are you an AATH Member? Yes/No


  • 2014 Debra Norwood

Disclaimer for ALL Scholarships:

If, in the opinion of the scholarship committee, there are no suitable entries for a particular scholarship, that scholarship may not be awarded. Scholarships are awarded for the specified conference year only and cannot be carried forward to future conferences. Submitted essay responses should not exceed 400 words, unless otherwise directed. For the 2015 Conference, applications must be received by November 14, 2014.  Notifications will be made by December 15, 2014.


Past Scholarships Offered and their recipients:



  • 2013 Siobhan Kavanah
  • 2012 Sarah Auerbach
  • 2011 Beza Merid
  • 2010 Edward Singer
  • 2009 Vera Stalker
  • 2008 Barbara Miller
  • 2007 Zach Warren


  • 2014 Sporty King
  • 2013 Helen Stucky Risdon


  • 2014 Carla Ulbrich
  • 2014 Amy Beaupre
  • 2014 Helen Stuckey Risdon
  • 2014Cheri Campbell


  • 2014 Jin Han
  • 2012 Amanda Alden