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hands in the air like they don't careMeet one of our prestige Platinum sponsors, Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  CTCA, with their repeated yearly loyalty to AATH has generously, through their sponsorship, been responsible for continuing programming that promotes the shared CTCA and AATH belief in the science supporting the therapeutic effects of humor.  Our chief liaison with CTCA is Dr. Katherine Puckett (center); Director of Mind-Body Medicine at CTCA at Midwestern Regional Medical Center and also appointed to the position of National Director of Mind-Body Medicine to assist CTCA in coordinating and enhancing mind-body programs and services across the regional centers.

Dr. Puckett is both an AATH and Humor Academy member and as such she and her staff play an important part in our organization, both with AATH sponsorship and their presence at our annual conferences. Her team uses humor and positive psychology to supplement and work along side medical treatment for their cancer patients. It is not uncommon for patients to feel hopeless and isolated. Fortunately the mind-body medicine team is dedicated to meeting these emotional and psychological needs, which can mean the difference between feeling alone and finding peace.

For almost 30 years, CTCA has been on the leading edge of cancer treatment with this personalized, whole-person care model. With cancer hospitals in Atlanta, suburban ChicagoPhiladelphiaTulsa, and Phoenix , CTCA continues to expand its accessibility to patients. Our cancer  experts provide a full range of treatment options—including options for advanced stage cancers and complex cases—all under one roof.  For more information, please call 877-219-7471.


Cheryl B. Fell, RN-BC
"Nurse FUNshine"

Are you disenchanted with quick fix strategies that never seem to last? If so, Sunny Side Up may be just what the doctor ordered to change your life from the inside out! Nurse FUNshine has been a positive role model promoting wellness as a way of life over the course of her thirty-plus years in the nursing field. As a mental health advocate, Cheryl facilitates breakfast clubs that teach, encourage, and affirm healthy living and genuine happiness. In Sunny Side Up, Nurse FUNshine delights us with her wit, wisdom, and no-nonsense approach to wellness. Inside this book you will find dozens of practical, yet powerful ideas intended to increase your awareness, encourage healthy choices, boost self-confidence, and multiply your joy. Crack up with Nurse FUNshine and discover your own health and happiness on the sunny side of the street.