Book Review

Laugh and Live

by Lenore Hirsch

Laugh and live book cover

Are you aging? Do you grapple with it- or groan excessively? Well just relax- new member Lenore Hirsch has done the grappling for you. This book is a coping tool for baby boomers by a boomer. Lenore thinks a lot about irritations- foggy memory, a yearning for Dr. Doogie Howser, while trying to relate to a newly graduated Dr.Whippersnapper. She discovered how to cope with snoring, senile rhinitis and leaks from various locations.

Luckily, Lenore is still a Beatle maniac with perfectly unleashed rhythm; she’s ready to help you navigate the aging beat, having analyzed numerable obstacles to help you boomers over painful scenes like that blind, blond bartender who thinks you’re invisible and the matronly waitress who dubs you “sweetie.”

As I read, I hear the knowing, low pitched voice of Ann Landers with overtones of a new age Gracie Allen. If you remember Gracie, you haven’t got a memory problem. “Laugh it off,” says Lenore and listen to your choice music even if through a hearing aid.

She offers singles, “Searching for a date online means seeing through the obvious bunk to look for a potential date who admits to something less than perfection, while still having appeal. I look for the magic package of intelligence and humor. And decent spelling.”
Yes, whether it’s the dating… or worrying over drooling, Lenore has it covered! 

Pet therapy and the companionship of canines she says, will have you walking and safely protected from evil lawn-mowing neighbors. Her dog Chewy trained Lenore to play- keeps her on schedule and gives her a bark in exchange for a laugh.

Have a perfect cup of coffee- and write about your life, she recommends; it may be a compelling segment or adventure you loved. You’re a bloomin’ boomer and have juicy stories; like Lenore loving the Fab Four, because we boomers changed the world rockin’ to Ringo’s drum beat.

I see Lenore in stylish shades, on the treadmill, coping with senile rhinitis; she has a hearing aid-but that won’t stop her from hearing the Beatles sing “Girl” through the headset.


I’m Florence Ditlow RN, your book reviewer. I’m a long time AATH member, a midwife of humor in hospitals, author of two books and student of two dogs who are revealing to me that the secret of nonverbal humor is inner joy. If you’ve written a book you’d like reviewed, please submit it to Kathy Velasco.