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Humor Academy Projects

2021 Level 2 Projects

Jim Egerton.png

Jim Egerton

Humor in Business & Politics - What worked and didn't at the White House Correspondents Dinners.

Linda Gillen.png

Linda Gillen

The "Fun" is Fundamental in Adult Recess

Kathy Klaus.jpg

Kathy Klaus

Wild Ride - Women's Stories and Life Lessons

Tabatha Mauldin, RN, PhD.jpg

Tabatha Mauldin RN, PhD

Living During a Global Crisis - Humor and Resilience

Ingrid Masterton.jpg

Ingrid Masterton

ZEBRA Project: Utilizing performance art to support learning and collaborative clinical decision-making

Etsu Nakahara.jpg

Etsu Nakahara

Methods that Promote Humor during Online Meetings

Mary Ellen Schmidley.jpg

Mary Ellen Schmidley

Pool of Humor

Dr. Lynn Shaw.jpg

Dr Lynn Shaw

4 Mindfulness Practices 4 A Playful Heart

ERICa Swiatek, M.S..png

Erica Swiatek, M.S.

Meeting Monsters

2020 Level 2 Projects

joan Accolla.png

Joan Accolla

World Humor Network

Noel Cairney.jpg

Noel Cairney

Time To Laugh

Joy Cony.png

Joy Cony

Joy Stone Journey

Mallori DeSalle, MA, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, M

Mallori DeSalle, MA, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, MATS, CPS

Laffirmation Station

Linda Gingold Seaman.png

Linda Gingold Seaman

Humor and Relationships: Is There a Connection?

Jana Greco, M.Ed..png

Jana Greco, 

Introducing Emotional Intelligence to our Youngest of Learners

Cathy Grippi.jpg

Cathy Grippi

Recipes for Resilience - Discovering Happiness and Purpose

Todd Hart.png

Todd Hart

Red Light Laughter: Bringing Intentional Laughter into Automobiles to Improve Commuter Well Being

Olga Karaski, MD, FACP.jpg

Olga Karasik, MD, FACP

Taking Humor Seriously - Exploring the Use of Humor in Medical Education

Pat Shea.jpg

Pat Shea

Permission to Laugh

Sue Stevenson.png

Sue Stevenson, B.Ed, FCIPD, PCC, C-IQ

Push Through With Humor

Jim-Bob Williams.png

Jim-Bob Williams

The Schmuck Who Saved Christmas: Introductory Improv for Children

2020 Level 3 Projects

Jennifer Keith.png

Jennifer Keith

G.R.I.T. - Gaining Resilience In Teens

Sandy Lutz.png

Sandra Lutz, RN, MS, DDIV, CLL

Healing through Laughter - Incorporating Humor in Care Centers

Teena Miller, CLYT, CLC.png

Teena Miller, CLYT, CLC

LAFTR - Laughing ALWAYS Fun Thriving In Recovery

Debra Norwood.png

Debra Norwood

Humor for Peace: An Investigation of Humor and Communication Styles

Paul Osincup.png

Paul Osincup

Creating a Mobile App Course to Teach Humor as a Mindfulness Strategy

Angie Robinson, MSW, CLYT.png

Angie Robinson, MSW, CLYT

Laughter Humor Model for Cancer Caregivers

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