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Humor Academy Projects

2022 Level 2 Projects

Jean Abbott.png

Jean Abbott

How Using Humor along with Positive Nonverbal Communication Can Help Providers Connect with their Patients

Joy Baldoz.png

Joy Baldoz

The J.O.Y. Movement;  Joyful, Optimistic,  Young-at-heart    

Kermit Cole.png

Kermit Cole

The Tickle of Meaning: A Theory of Humor, and How to Use It

Christi Colo.png

Christi Colo, OTR/L, GCFP

HOPE: Humor,  Offers, Positive, Experiences

Wendy Cwinar.png

Wendy Cwinar, M.S.W., M.Ed. Psych

Friday Funnies

Michael Cundall.png

Dr. Michael K. Cundall, Jr.

Building Mirth Management’s Platform - Videos, YouTube Channel

Cherie Davis.png

Dr. Cherie L. Davis, Ph.D., CAGS, LMHC

Two Years into the Covid 19 Pandemic: A Support Group for Practitioners in Mental Health Counseling, …with a Side of Therapeutic Humor?!

E. Susan Duncan.png

E. Susan Duncan, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Laughter Yoga in Post-Stroke Aphasia

Amanda Ferris.png

Amanda M. Ferris

Mental Well Being @ Work Isn’t All Crazy Talk

Miriam Gassman.png

Miriam Gassman, CLYL

Hey, is that Potato Smiling at Me?? The Pareidolia Effect and its Potential Use in Developing and Strengthening our Creative Skills and Playfulness

Tom Guetzke.png

Tom Guetzke

The 5 Happy Habits to Live Your Best Life! 

Nikki Linen.jpg

Nikki Linen

BEE the Encourager

Ulwan Fakhri Noviadhista.png

Ulwan Fakhri Noviadhista, S.S., M.Ikom

The Tax Practitioners Focus Humor Group Discussion

Mary C. Parker.png

Mary C. Parker

Masters of My Life

Gale Prince.png

Gale Prince

Humor Experienced in Travel

Connie Skaggs.png

Connie Scaggs

Care to Live, Laugh and Love

Danny Septriadi.png

Danny Septriadi, SE, MSi, LLM Int.Tax  

The Tax Practitioners Focus Humor Group Discussion


Christina Silva, PhD, RN

Using Humor to Assist with Learning

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