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September 18-25, 2023

Monday, Sept 18 | How to Strengthen Communication and Trust
with the LGBTQ+ Community

with Lisa Koenecke

If you can't laugh at yourself, how in the heck are you gonna laugh at someone else?  Bonus points from Lisa if you know which LGBTQ+ icon uses this phrase. Raise your hand (if you're able) if you were your high school mascot AND homecoming royalty! Please join Lisa as she uses a light-hearted approach to understanding the LGBTQ+ Community. Research shows that 20% of Generation Z identify with one of these letters in our rainbow world. Discover how not to offend us by using the correct vocabulary and learn what not to ask. Please bring your questions and ask Lisa K, Your Everyday Gay! Fun and stories will abound!

Tuesday, Sept 19 | Using Humor to Dismantle Oppression

with Mary C Parker

In this session, learn how humor impacts different forms of oppression and ways you can interrupt harm. You will learn a framework of oppression and understand how harm is perpetuated in our everyday lives. By learning more about who we are, we can leverage humor and find ways to add levity to dismantle and disrupt oppression.

Wednesday, Sept 20 | Understanding Racist & Ethnic Humor

with Dr. Mike Cundall

This session is to help people understand the various issues, topics, and arguments surrounding the use of racist and ethnic humor. We will explore and investigate the various ways such humor has been used, appreciated, and critiqued. Time and attention will be devoted to explaining how such humor fits into a broader social context, how it has been used historically, and covering the various arguments and views that condone or critique the use of such humor. This presentation is designed to give participants a broader sense of the complexity surrounding such issues

Thursday, Sept 21 | Older but Bolder: A Dialogue on Humor and Aging

with Steve Wilson

Take a front-row seat as Chip Lutz chats with Steve Wilson and discusses the profound impact of humor, laughter, and play on enhancing the quality of life and overall well-being as we embrace the later chapters of our lives. While sixty might be hailed as the new forty, it's worth noting that 9 pm seems to have replaced midnight – a nod to our early timing for this event. Enjoy this enlightening session on using the farce as a force.

Friday, Sept 22 | The Future of the Workplace: How to Attract, Collaborate & Retain a New Mix of Five Generations

with Scott Lesnick

Successfully blending five generations in the workplace is a complex task for any leader, particularly as the generational mix evolves. By developing a deep understanding of one another, we can foster productivity, growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and navigate the challenges of training and retaining talent in this dynamic decade of change. This presentation offers a special emphasis on Millennials and Gen Z, and shares research on Generation Alpha, who will soon enter the workforce, providing valuable insights into the future.

Monday, Sept 25 | Stand Up For Mental Health: Recovery – One Laugh At A Time!

with David Granirer

What’s so funny about mental health? As far as Stand Up For Mental Health (SMH) is concerned – everything! Founded by award-winning counsellor and stand-up comic David Granirer, whom himself suffers from bipolar, SMH teaches stand-up comedy to people with mental health issues. This show takes a hilarious look at the lighter side of taking meds, dealing with addictions, seeing counselors, getting diagnosed, and surviving the mental health system. You’ll see mental health from a totally different perspective and how David's Stand Up For Mental Health comics are creating recovery one laugh at a time!

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