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OMG. Did we just become BFFs?

AATH provides incredible member benefits, plus a supportive community of professionals.

Our Rallying Cry: Humor Helps!

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and application of humor to effect positive change. The strategic use of humor sparks connection, increases influence, improves communication and can be used as a competitive advantage in any industry. What’s more, humor provides innumerable benefits to our overall health and well-being, including reduced stress, greater resilience, decreased depressive symptoms, and even increased pain tolerance.


Decrease in Stress
simply anticipating humor


More productive after taking a humor break


Increase in memory recall
after watching a funny video


Like those statistics?

Then research says, you'll love our new research page!

AATH unites researchers from institutions like Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and the American Institute of Stress with expert practitioners, including global motivational speakers, nurses, doctors, comedians, entrepreneurs, and educators. Our international community of members knows that when it comes to making a positive difference, #HumorHelps.

“AATH has helped me advance the LaughMD app from a concept to a business!”
 – Prof. Frank Chindamo, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, LaughMD

We're Serious About Humor!

We take the neuroscientific, psychological, and behavioral research of humor and show you how to use it to improve your life and the lives of others. All over the world, our members are applying the strategic use of humor in countless ways. From laughter exercises for dialysis patients to training executives to use humor in leadership—even coaching people to use humor as a mindfulness strategy to decrease stress—at AATH, we’re committed to making the world a happier place.

Sounds great! But do I have to be funny?


Don’t worry—while we do have members who are professional comedians, being funny isn’t a requirement to be a part of AATH. (Although it is kind of a requirement for being a professional comedian). Our membership is primarily made up of:

  • People who have benefited from humor

  • People who use (or want to learn how to use) humor in their profession

  • Researchers

  • Highly advanced AI robots

(Ok, so we don’t have any AI bots as members yet (that we know of) but if you’re an AI bot learning how to connect with humans, we’ll help you develop your sense of humor.)

Learn to use humor as a tool for greater success!


Join today! Or if you have some stuff to do, join tomorrow. Definitely by the end of the week, though.


Aside from getting to tell people you’re part of a humor association (seriously, how cool is that?!) being a member of AATH also means you’ll:

  • Network with expert practitioners, researchers & global speakers

  • Help influence the direction of AATH and the field of applied & therapeutic humor

  • Tap into discounted AATH conference rates

  • Enjoy exclusive access to online video summits with leading humor professionals

  • Have opportunities to present and publish

  • Be eligible to enroll in the Humor Academy

  • Gain unlimited access to the Humor Research Library hosted by Prevention Insights

  • Rack up CME & CEU credits

We aren't antisocial... and we don't support stalking but, you can follow us anywhere!

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Looking for Humor Connections?


Humor Zoomers Meeting

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