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September 21-25 | 1:00 pm (EST) Daily

Humor Roundup Schedule & Details:

Five 1 hour sessions - 1  per day 

September 21-25 from 1:00-2:00 pm (EST)

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Monday, September 21


What Kind of Funny Are You? Understanding Humor Profiles & How They Help You Create Humor

Anyone can learn to be funnier, but it doesn't mean they'll all be the same type of funny. Let's face it, we all know that person who is terrible at telling jokes, no matter how hard they try. Being a humorist can involve many different skillsets: stand-up, improv, sketch, essays, cartoons, and memes are just some of the many ways humor can be expressed. In this program, you'll learn your own personal humor profile and learn how to best leverage it to create amusement

Speaker: Andrew Tarvin

Tuesday, September 22

The Brain, Humor, and COVID!

How humor and stress impacts the brain, and influences the immune system, will be discussed and viewed through brain scans. Attendees will come to understand the different systems of the brain and how they strengthen or weaken the immune system.

Speaker: Dr. Earl Henslin

Wednesday, September 23

I'm Dyin' to Talk about Humor, Grace, and Grief

Who likes to talk about death or grief?  Sure, we know to be serious when someone dies, but is it ok to make a joke? What about those people that tell me I should be over my grief about my best friend, my cat? Humor and grace are two tools that help you walk along the path of grief. This session will help you discern healthy vs unhealthy grief coping skills, talk about forced humor vs organic humor and redefine grace in non-religious terms.  This webinar is a safe place.

Speaker: Debra Joy Hart

Thursday, September 24


Improv always sparks laughter and connection, primarily because of the role of surprise embodied by the Improv process. This session will offer a “Yourturn” (a descriptor I made up for a group of games) of Improv activities that are as much fun, as insightful and as energetic as Improv in a theater or a party or a workshop. The design is aimed at the following goals:

to experience a few Improv activities that are adaptable to your work on virtual platforms.

to introduce directions and process flow for each exercise.

to highlight a sampling of debrief and learning opportunities provided by the exercises.

Speaker: Izzy Gesell, M.Ed., CSP

Friday, September 25

What's So Funny About Stress, and the Role of Healthy Humor for Radical Resilience

Stress can be our best friend or our worst enemy, depending on our relationship with it. In this
presentation, Heidi Hanna, PhD will discuss how our understanding of stress theory has evolved and
provide a simple framework you can use to turn stressing into a blessing - no matter what the
circumstances. She’ll also share specific strategies to develop a humor mindset to help buffer your brain
from stress-related overwhelm, frustration, and fatigue.

Speaker: Dr. Heidi Hanna



AATH Annual Conference
& Humor Academy

April 29 - May 2, 2021

at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL

More details on speakers, schedule,
and events coming soon!

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