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Humor Academy

It’s the Harvard of humor. The Cambridge of comedy.
And you don’t have to live in a dorm.

You’ll learn so much about humor’s applications and benefits, it’s not even funny.

At the Humor Academy, you’ll take a deep dive into all things humor with an inclusive and supportive cohort of professionals, and you’ll learn from some of the finest experts and comprehensive texts in the field. The Humor Academy uses a collaborative learning environment with participants representing a variety of occupations including (but not limited to) health and wellness, business, education, mental health, spirituality, performance, writing, speaking, and training.

The Humor Academy is a one-of-a kind, three-year, college-level program focused on the science, benefits, and application of humor. Each level of the Humor Academy lasts one year, and those who complete all three years earn the distinction of Certified Humor Professional (CHP). Continuing education credits are available through the Humor Academy, as well.

What’s it like?

At each level, you’ll:

  • Attend the 1-day Humor Academy pre-conference meeting and the 3-day AATH conference

  • Participate in at least 8 video meetings with your cohort over the course of the year

  • Complete other assigned work, based on the syllabus

You’ll also complete various readings, and at Level III, you’ll get to participate in monthly calls with global humor thought leaders. You’ll enhance your knowledge, refine your humor skillset, and can even get funnier! At each level, you’ll focus on a central theme:

  • Level I:   Study of the theory and application of humor

  • Level II:  Develop and execute a humor project - check out recent projects here

  • Level III: Demonstrate leadership in the field of applied and therapeutic humor

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Need More Details?   We've Got 'Em!

Humor Academy Fees $390/year 

Invest in yourself and gain the knowledge and credentials that will help you bring positive humor to workplaces, hospitals, schools, and communities. 

Humor Academy Leadership Team

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AATH awards funding to the Humor Academy educational program and Annual Conference to peace studies undergraduate or graduate students and faculty.

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