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How Holidays are Different in 2020

By: Jim-Bob Williams, PE, RE, AATH Secretary

AATH's Secretary and most successful Jeopardy contestant, Jim-Bob Williams has been isolated far too long. Below are his Merry Musings about the holidays...

What will be different about the holidays in 2020?

  • Taking Kids to the Mall to See Santa put up a for sale sign

  • Three Wise Men Fired from the CDC

  • Winner of "The Masked Singer" Was the One Refusing to Take Off the Mask

  • Not a Creature Was Stirring Because of the Lockdown

  • Denver Broncos Game Replaced By "So You Think You Can Quarterback?"

  • Every Day Seems Like Christmas, and Every Day Also Seems Like March 14

  • End-of-the-World Prophets Wrong Again, Unfortunately

  • Finally, a Believable Excuse for Not Visiting Aunt Gertrude

  • Wild Spree at Annual Conference Ends By Waking Up in a Literal Doghouse at Home

2020 Holiday Haikus:

For over nine months

I've met people by Zoom call

Where are my pants now

My hair is longer

than it was during high school

A Hippie Again

AATH and

Humor Academy friends

Kept me sane (almost)

And, if you haven't enjoyed Jim-Bob's "Not The Hallmark Channel" commercials for various themed TV specials... here's your first taste.

About the Author:

Jim-Bob Williams practiced the principles of therapeutic humor during his career as an environmental engineer and manager, but he joined AATH to become certified certifiable! He serves as AATH Secretary and on the Illuminutty, AATH’s Research Council, as well as one of the class clowns of Humor Academy (Level II). Owner of Jimusho LLC (motto: Making the Workplace Better Through Humor), he lives in St. Albans, WV, with his wife Christine. His interests include improv comedy (home troupe: The Mighty Schmucks of Charleston, WV) and the theology of humor.

Funny Fact: Jim-Bob is the oldest (and perhaps first) Therapeutic Humorist to appear on Jeopardy!


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